Sunday, May 14, 2017

yo mama

Today is the one where we honor our mothers with something special.  I got an early wakeup call from BG and headed to Jackson to pick her up.  She had just finished a ten hour graveyard shift and was helping people out with breakfast when I got there.  After a brief stop to purchase a quart of oil from Mr. Indian store owner and putting it in the Camry, we headed for home.  It's a gorgeous day but already hot and sultry like Tennessee summer.  

We hit up the 'gentral at Four Points for pillows and I dropped her tired bones at the house while I made a trip to put some pink peonies on Mom's grave.  I didn't stay long because she is not there.  After that I stopped by the rehab to visit Mozella only she was sound asleep so I asked the roommate to tell her I had stopped by.  On the way out I ran into a Mr. John Stafford and we quickly found a common link what with the name and all.  He's from the Lenox tribe but just so happens to be a parishioner of my daddy's late cousin's husband Bill Oakley.  And he was waiting on a ride to church in his motorized wheelchair.  Small world indeed.

Last stop was Sonic for a bacon double cheeseburger for us to split.  Presently Lauren is passed smooth out in my room with Oscar at her feet.  They were ECSTATIC to see her.  She's in a lot of pain because of an old tailbone injury and can have nothing but tylenol so it's pretty miserable.  

I sent a message to the City of Dyersburg praising the officer who worked my case, Ms. L Ward.  They had been looking for this guy for awhile and he was wanted in a string of car break ins and thefts.  Stealing my trusty little Camry was his last act aside from breaking into the other guy's truck to sleep.  Ironically, I got a summons for jury duty in yesterday's mail.  Hmmmm.

And justice for all ~

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