Tuesday, May 9, 2017


In copspeak that means be on the lookout, like for stolen cars. Today as been surreal on a lot of levels.  I showed up at six for work and did what needed to be done at the moment.  After breakfast I clocked out to drive over to an alternate campus for a smoke.  Only the trusty Camry was not there.  There was a kids size bike with neon green tires laid against the rail where my car used to be.  Somebody else snagged that spot after he rolled out.  

I called the law and hospital security and then we all went up to review the camera footage of said suspect trolling the parking lot in broad daylight.  They took the bike as evidence and all.  The status of the case is "pending arrest" whatever that means.  Mamye picked me up from the sawmill and bossfriend is taking me in tomorrow morning.  Hopefully the rental will come through soon.  There's a big celebration going on up there right now....a family picnic complete with bouncy house.  

I had a bit of a karmic experience this morning with a really self absorbed sort of guy who was a random date during the years that I did that sort of thing.  Things don't look really good for him at this point.  I also visited our mayor and gave her a kiss.  

I just got word that the car was found abandoned at the mall by whomever.  It was fascinating watching this guy on video footage scoping out cars in broad daylight for something to steal.  He was obviously on a mission to steal shit per the bicycle and bags MO.  I showed up at work at 6AM and he did his business during the next 30 minutes. 

Such is life, huh?  

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