Monday, May 8, 2017

the rest of the story

My daddy knew the history of the man he worked for.  I remember a tale about how Harry the unborn baby lost his father in the icy winter of Reelfoot Lake while on skates duck hunting.  Today I talked with a woman whose father found that well preserved body, frozen in time.  Her daddy's uncle was with him and he told him to stay there while he walked the woods to Tiptonville to get help.  She said that in 1982 that baby came to visit her....just always had wanted to get some closure.  

The widow with a young child remarried and the Ferguson Farm era began.  That was during the peony farm and animal raising days.  Plus a pond with swans, according to Miss Mary.  I'm glad I've at least kept the asparagus farming thing alive.  The peonies in the pine grove should be ready for Mother's day which is on me this year.  It's been awhile since I visited.  

My redneck sprinkler is currently rigged up and just needs to be moved now and then.  It's hot and dry but I sprinkled some osmocote over everything before hand.  It will help the grass to grow!

Sunshine ~

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