Sunday, May 28, 2017

aches and pains

Day 2 after a fall is usually the one where all the soreness kicks in which is happening right now.  I remember Dr. Algee telling me that the biggest cause of injury and illness in elders is falling.  I slept for 14 hours through multiple thunderstorms and got up slowly then headed to the gentral for basics.  Got tons of laundry to do!

My non-worry stone sits on the desk reminding me daily that through all things God strenghthens me.  I drove down to the cabin to see if the other glads have bloomed but not yet.  James Frank and I caught up on their family's plans in the driveway.  Our mayor probably won't go home from the rehab.  There is nobody to care for her during the day, which is the usual story.  I told him I felt his frustration like so many others.  At 96 she needs constant watching.  

This is yet another piece of the crumbling healthcare infrastructure.  Long term care is terribly expensive and unless you are penniless or rich, it's a struggle to afford.  Mamye and I sat yesterday and made a list of all the folks who have done their jobs well while Steve has been hospitalized.  We rarely hear the good things....only complaints.  I've been pretty critical of the management at the chicken store so I stopped by with a happy card for my favorite girls there.  Everybody needs an attaboy now and then.

Me and the dogs are chilling while the cat creates mayhem.....the usual suspect.  She loves to knock stuff off as an attention getter.  Right now she's behind my back on the chair purring her little heart out.  Fed and happy.  

Still humble here ^j^

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