Tuesday, May 2, 2017

dream on

I had barely gotten in the door at work today when Yaya called and told me about her dreams in very vivid detail.  Her voice cracked as she described she and Gaga going to a wedding and her doing the honors of escorting that exceptional old woman.  She said they laughed and hugged and squeezed and it was glorious.  Next was her friend Judy and then they all ended up at Miss Ann's house for some odd reason.  Out there at Lakewood where they have to die for oak leaf hydrangeas.  I'm trying not to cry early in the day because you feel like crap but that almost got me.  All I could do was say thanks for sharing that with me.  She and her family are like my own.  

I ran into another old friend at the chicken store and we talked photography a bit.  That was after a snack stop at the 'gentral.  I seriously avoid Lake Rd and 51 if I can.  Which is, of course, where Kroger is.  And everything other food joint you can think of.  I did business with the lovely ATT lady in a cubicle shared by Domino's.  Little storefronts.  

The day Van Hinson lost The Plaza that was the end of my convenient eating.  His meats were to die for and he had all the other staples including brooms and beer.  He and Kenny were always around to hand cut.  He gave credit to tons of folks like me and at the time of the flood I was paid in full.  Shady Kroger shut down before that.  Food desert!

Here's a business idea for any of you who might own a property that could be used for a small grocery store on Highway 51 South....it would be used like heck especially if it has a fresh and organic section.  It can't be in Southtown proper because that still floods.  The big one even took over all the way past Clark Distributing.  That was a headwater that began with 11 inches in Nashvegas.

For the life of me I can't remember the name of that little corner of Lauderdale where the Forked Deer and Obion merge into the Big Muddy.  I used to go riding out that way all the time learning the backroads with my buddy.  I remember standing on a hill at highway 88 and thinking "there goes Chisholm".  We watched people in boats out exploring.  Kind of like a redneck Waterworld.  

I have always known that the father of the man my Daddy worked for drowned while crossing a frozen Reelfoot Lake in 1918.  My brother told me that his buddy remembers his grandma telling tales about HER folks finding and recovering his body.  I'm intrigued, to say the least.

Stay tuned for for more chatter ~

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