Monday, May 1, 2017

i give

I don't know what it is in me that thinks I can make a difference in the whole scheme of things.  I've always been that way...if I believe in something strongly I hang on like a dog with a bone.  That's just another way that I punish myself by thinking that I have any control over ANYTHING.  My friend Sondra scooped me up at Patterson Brothers this morning for work and dropped me off where they had put on new tires and fixed the door handle inside and out with the parts I bought from the salvage yard.  It's been years since I've had an outside handle.  What a luxury!  Not to mention the fact that I can also open from the inside and not crawl out the passenger side.  God is good....all the time.

When I look at how appreciative folks can be for small miracles and then hear the back biting and complaining that is the rest of the world I just shake my head.  All things are relative when it comes to being grateful.  If you're rich with money, having more does nothing much but feed the greed.  When you don't have enough, life is a struggle.  I'm smack in the middle where I live check to check as a single woman.  I always have something to eat.  I have a job.  That's more than what a lot of folks can say.  

I think that having a vocation where you are appreciated and valued is a big plus in the happiness department.  I've had it both ways in my career and have survived thus far.  Somebody asked me today when I'm gonna' "give it up."  I just gave her a wan smile and said "I can't".  But maybe....just maybe.  

I think I can ~

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