Wednesday, May 24, 2017

back to step one

My heart sank when I checked my balance yesterday and found myself in the hole with ten days to go until the eagle poops.  I have no savings or even any cushion....just living check to check as a single gal.  I was cutting it close what with the impound fee and new tires so when I got paid on Friday I immediately paid what HAD to be paid or get cut off.  Posting is wonky on the weekends so I didn't realize until yesterday I had gone into overdraft again.  35 bucks a pop times 2.  I immediately realized I'd have to put off my appointment with the derm folks for this squamous cell thing because I didn't have the money.  I made the call and cancelled then shut the laptop and wandered outside to walk the yard.

*kaching* went the phone.  It was a message from a lifelong friend offering help.  And then others came through for me today.  I am humble beyond words.  

Got a call from the police this morning that I was being served with a summons to appear in court for the State vs car thief.  What's so ironic is that his court date is at 9AM on the same day I report for jury duty at 1PM.  I feel the universe moving on that deal.  

And so it goes.  I feel like my tribe has me enfolded in their arms and that all will be well as long as I continue to do the next right thing.  

Faith ~

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