Monday, May 15, 2017

and the cupboard was full

Today has been a whirlwind sort of thing.  I swapped hours and went in at 6 so that I could get BG on the road back to Jackson and ended up stuck past quitting time.  I scurried on home and scooped her and we did a little business before hitting 412.  That's when the phone started ringing.  Now, I cannot talk and drive, I'm just saying.  She answered the phone once and it was Bubba who understood.  My other neighbor who's been sick down at the mayor's house called and asked me if I could bring her some distilled water for her C-Pap when I got back to town.  Okay then.  After passing by some sort of huge fire at Crockett Mills and stopping in at the Four Points 'gentral I found them to be "out."  Seeing as how I'm almost a nurse I figured bottled water would work so I got her two big ones and proceeded to deliver them.  No answer at the door.

I was pulling out when I saw a young woman and child in the yard waving at me so I pulled back in and explained that it was all they had.  Don't you want to come in and see her, she asked.  That's when I slammed the door on my finger and hollered SHIT.  Next step is to ice that baby down.  It's the bird finger on my other hand opposite where I dislocated the same one so I'm sure arthritis will have me by the middle finger soon.  

Anywho, my buddy Kevin came to and shared about all his adventures like dog burying ( can I relate! ) and Mondays are crazy.  My friendship with him began many years ago at First United Methodist Church in Youth Club.  He came with his buddies and is now a devout Nazarene.  

I love it when that happens ~

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