Thursday, June 1, 2017

the heat is on

As usual, we're at 90 on the 1st day of June here in TN and lord how I hate to sweat.   I enjoy the growing season, but not much else about summer.  Since I can't be out in the sun and water because of previous sun damage, the thrill is totally gone.  No more pool for me.  I would like to have just a little wading pool to put in the shade but then it gets full of grass so there ya' go.  I spent all of my teenaged summers as a fair skinned lifeguard at the Moose Pool so I got an early start on the damage.  Sunscreen?  Pffft, I thought.  Let's get a tan.  I'm paying dearly for it now.  

I went to get my tags renewed today only to find that the state had put a hold code on the registration because of the theft. Ten minutes on the phone with them by a lovely woman at the county court clerk's office fixed the problem.  Ooops, they said.  Forgot to remove that hold when the car was found.  Next Friday is when I face dude in court.  I'm sure he will be sorry his thieving self got caught in a string of burglaries and whatnot.  Buh bye.  

Right now I feel like I'm in purgatory....stuck in the middle forever.  I'm trying to be quiet enough to hear God's voice in the midst of all the chaos.  The no worry stone was in my pocket all day today for just that reason and I rubbed it often as I ran here there and yon.  I'm feeling a shift toward self care which is always a good thing.  


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