Sunday, April 30, 2017

frog legs

If you are into that sort of thing for sport or dining, today would be an excellent day for gigging due to heavy HEAVY rain that included not one but two tornado warnings.  The first was around 2:15 AM and my phone went off with the local warning which is a very nice perk.  We made it through okay but Lorna got slammed in Tiptonville where she lost the top of her barn and several pecan trees in her orchard due to straight line wind.  She said they were snapped at the ground....100 year old trees.  The bottom of the lane is covered and at one point I thought the (not so) trusty Camry wouldn't make it but by golly she did.  After round 2 passed I needed to make a run to the chicken store and found that I had left the window open on the passenger side so back in the house for a blanket and towels.  I still ended up in the store with a wet butt.  

My house sits high up on a hill that overlooks the farm and all the water drains down to the end of the lane.  When it's too much too fast, there you go.  That low spot is also notorious for getting covered when the Forked Deer river floods and it probably will in the days to come.  I have a full basement which would seem like a safe place to be but my biggest fear is the house collapsing on top of it with me down there so I stay upstairs even when the sirens wail.  I suppose the little hall would be my safe zone.  It's dead center of this old house.  

Once upon a time my brother and sister in law were reporters for stations in Memphis.  BG and I were chilling and carrying on when I got a phone call from him saying there was a tornado headed straight for us.  It spared this house and hit about a mile up the road at a motel killing somebody there.  That entire week was all about severe weather and the culvert under my road ended up collapsing.  I moved to town for several days and Daddy carried me back and forth across the field in his truck to get to where I was going.  Tommy and Yvette had a Jeep and that's how they got back and forth in the mud.  We had made quite a trail by the time that week was up .  It was the first week of May, I do believe.  The area this side of the Big Muddy is notorious for getting slammed during weather events.  

Friday I'm going with BG for an ultrasound which should definitely tell the tale on whether Reaves is a girl or boy.  Whatever he or she is, they already have several gifts in the wings.  

Stay dry and turn around.  Don't drown~

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