Wednesday, February 1, 2017

crime and punishment

I am against the death penalty not because I don't think that some people deserve it.  If there is genetic evidence that you raped a kid or murdered an old person you should just get outta' my world and into the next fresh hell.  HOWEVER. There is no swift trial available in our current criminal justice system so A. the death penalty is not close enough to sentencing to serve as a deterrent. and B. The DNA technology has just recently worked its' way into death row cases where innocents were tried and incarcerated unjustly for crimes they did not commit.  Swab the cheek and do whatever you gotta' do to deliver justice in a swift way.   

I saw our mayor Mozella today and she looked a little weak. Her daughter and daughter in law were with her and we're all neighbors so there you go.  "Chile..." she said.  How you doing? I guess theB12 shots aren't working very well.  I mean, she is 95.

Over and out from the lane.  I've got chores!

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