Thursday, February 23, 2017

prep day

It dawned bright and early but I slept in so begin time was an hour late.  Somehow I think that doesn't matter!  The Mg citrate has done its' thing and dulcolax is due around 1.  Lerd.  I'm kind of dazed already and plan on an early bedtime.  Gotta be there at 6:15.  Mamye is in charge.  

Today is a good opportunity to catch up on laundry and do chair yoga for my aching back.  It helps a lot to arch and hold because the point of impact was between my shoulders.  Arthritis also plays a part, I'm sure.  I sat on the back steps sunning like a turtle this morning and appreciating the glory of a day like this in winter.  Everything is blooming as if it were March.  Hippie made a bet last night that there would be "no mo sno" and it's dated and posted on the frig.  If he loses, peach pecan whiskey is on him.  We clarified that by including that accumulation doesn't matter.  If it's an ice storm, he wins.  They fed me well as we listened to the frogs tune up with the back door wide open.  

The critters are enjoying having me home and they're all chilling in their respective spots.  It's warm and tornado season which makes for interesting weather around here.  I expect to see mr snake any time now.  I'm faithfully watering the lasagna style asparagus beds and my composted bale.  I'm working on a Lowe's list and will probably hit them up over the weekend. My daddy is smiling down from heaven over me and my agricultural ways.  

Around this time of the season whenever it might be, he would come by and we'd walk the yard together looking at whatever had popped up.  I do it by myself now and give thanks for the cycle that is rebirth and growth.  For some reason I get totally bummed out when everything is dead.  The winter wheat surrounding me is to die for gorgeous and will be followed with "wheat beans." Thank the lord for a corn free year up here on the hill.  

My brother is an ag man born and raised here on the farm.  He knows every inch of it and then some.  Our father and the other farmers around here have taught him many things about ag operation.  Fortunately several devoted partners with the money to spend have made major improvements to the landscape which is prone to flooding.  It is a legacy that I appreciate every day especially since plans are moving foward to preserve the history.

If I don't answer when you call assume that I'm on the potty with a book ~

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