Saturday, February 4, 2017

weekend update

Of course we all know a day off calls for a visit to the gentral'.  As usual, Dianne met me with a smile and urged me to do the survey which I promised I would do.  And I did.  Those things matter in the corporate world, ya' know.  At my work you get "wow" cards for going above and beyond which means a ticket for free dessert.  I got one and promptly lost it.  I know, right? Get your shit together girl.

Laundry is done.  Sweeping is halfway done with a little vacuum action from mom's Electrolux.  Since there's no carpet it's just a lot of dust bunnies.  I'm on a mission to make a clean path through this house if it kills me.  If so, please see Curry Funeral for arrangements.  All the boxes of photo albums and plaques and whatnot that came from the cabin are up in here and not sorted through quite yet.  I mean, you know.  Spare time and all that.  It will happen.

Break time is over.  Must piddle!

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