Sunday, February 5, 2017

comedy as therapy

I have a dark sense of humor at times I suppose because I've spent so much time dealing with life and death as a vocation.  Having a best friend as a funeral director adds to the mix.  We work in tandem, me saving lives and she on the receiving end of that work.  She is a total professional at what she does and has saved me on numerous occasions over the past few years.  You have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying.

I've been an SNL fan from the first show way back in the day.  The talent there never ceases to amaze me.  The skit with Melissa McCarthy as Spicer was absolute genius and also the one with Bannon as death standing by as Baldwin made calls to piss off other countries.  

Every president in office since the show began has been a target of their humor.  Did any of them ever cry foul and tweet their anger?  Umm.  Nope.  I read an interesting piece about Trump quoting Howard Stern that he really likes him as a person, but not his politics.  Says it will be "bad for his mental health" because he wants so badly to be liked and so far he's batting zero.  

I ventured out to Sonic for Lil Grillers this morning and had one left in the car when I stopped by the mayor's house.  They are heavy with fatigue from lifting and caring for Mozella so soon after Ron's death.  Boy do I know THAT feeling.  They rarely eat because it's too much trouble but they make sure mama gets fed.  There is an entire village there to help and they are in and out.  Helen and I sat outside and smoked and she told me she had to go to ER herself for an injury with lifting that tiny little woman.  They become dead weight when they're that weak.  I found her propped on a doughnut in the den, already fed, and we visited a bit talking about this and that.  She always asks about Bubba.  And she misses mama and daddy a lot.  So do I.  

My neighbor Patrick took a picture of an honest to goodness beaver up by the pond at the end of the road  I could see where he had dammed up one corner when I passed today.  They can destroy a bunch of trees on a riverbank, just saying.  Been seeing a lot of road kill coyotes too.  Not sure what that totem is about!

I still have chores to do, but not as many.  The furniture parked in my living room now has all the pieces so that will go in place whenever there's help.  I'm looking for somebody with a backhoe to help with the asparagus bed so if you've got one, holla.  I'll share the asparagus!!

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice!

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