Tuesday, February 7, 2017

spring tease

Today is what oe would expect around these parts in late March or April...hovering around 76.  There were thunderstorms during the night and this morning which gave way to sunshine after lunch.   And by Thursday it will be 40 again.  Temperate climate indeed.  Except when those freak March ice storms hit! 

Buttercups have been up for weeks and there's a bud here and there.  I finally got Office installed this morning on work's wifi which is much quicker.  Yesterday's challenge was to clean up some disk space for it which happened after two tries.  Thanks to Chris at Tencom I now have free CCleaner.  It has sped things up quite a bit.  DirecTV is blowing my phone up hoping to ge me to pay big to watch the television that I never turn on.  There's still a year on the contract so I'll have to tough it out but WHAT was I thinking?  Duh.  That was before my Netflix days.  

I visited with one of the last surviving men in my Daddy's bunch of running buddies today as he was being wheeled down the hall and had a flashback of seeing Daddy exactly like that....struggling to breathe.  Sometimes it doesn't seem real that they're gone.  Other times, there's the oddest feeling of being an orphan and elder all rolled into one.  It feels like loneliness with an urgency to fill my own remaining years with joy.  My friend Rose did a card reading for me because I'm so totally confused about all of it and her message was to "sit tight" and get ready for the transition of the next six months. As George would say " Oh boy. "

I had to scrap the plan for a trackhoe on the asparagus because it's pricey so it looks like me and a shovel.  All volunteers will be provided with food and beverage.  

Always remember who you are ~

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