Tuesday, February 28, 2017

cold front

Who would have thought that we'd be looking for tornados in February?  Why, in West Tennessee of course.  It's rained just enough that I don't have to water twice a day and I'm gonna be real pissed if it hails on that broccoli.  I've been on the phone with several folks, all checking in on me and the state of our world.  That is such a comfort.  

There was this one tornado that haunts me.  It hit Lakewood and the girl was in the basement like you're told to be only a beam fell on her and she was killed.  Against the wall, I'd figure.  They're all concrete and have chalk graffiti on them from when I was party mom.  

I have faith for the first time in weeks that this country is turning away from being sheeple and learning to deal with reality.  That's no small thing considering what's up in Washington and around the globe.  Eff a bunch of bad news.  If I'm gonna be persecuted for honesty and integrity so be it.  At least I'll die with pride.  *sidenote* how about you know who all up with her feet on the couch.  As my mama would say "lord have mercy."  She looks like a hooker in a pose.

Laugh often ~

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