Sunday, February 26, 2017

yard play

A lot of people call it "working" in the yard but it's play for me when I'm planting and creating.  After breakfast I went down to Casa Grands and dug up some baby daffodils and grape hyacinth from the yard.  They are now neatly tucked into the ground out back next to the asparagus beds.  The rosemary and lavender are potted with chives up next.  I've cleaned out the bed next to the back porch and pulled out little beginnings of clematis and gave them something to climb on.  I feel accomplished enough to take a break.  

Next up will be planing broccoli and spinach, six of each close to the asparagus as well.  The goal of this type of gardening is to keep it small and compact, easily attainable for watering.  I forgot to get a hose at Lowe's so I'm stuck with the 25 ft el cheapo from the gentral for now.  Next trip to the crack dealer  Pennington's I'll pick up a couple more bales and some finch seed.  

I feel much better knowing that the scope is over and negative.  At our age you never know what's gonna' happen next.  My goal this year is to get my health in order with plenty of preventive care.  Lorna is trying to get me into boot camp in May to get in shape but I'm not real sure about that one yet. The class is at 5:30 and I'm due at the sawmill at six.  Besides, I lost seven pounds Friday!!!

The fly for pleasure folks are out in full force an I love watching them since the airport is my back yard.  Oh, and also the golf course.  I can hear "FORE" from my back steps.  I noticed in the church newsletter that they will be going to one service which is very smart considering the small attendance at both early and late.  My daddy, however, would have had a fit to be off schedule.  8AM on the dot for men's choir practice prior to 8:30 service.  

It's still chilly but not enough so that you can't work up a sweat with fleece on.  Which is exactly what I plan to do the rest of the day.  Y'all get out there and enjoy the day ^j^

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