Saturday, February 25, 2017

fun day

After yesterday's going on I hung on until almost dark and then gave it up for the best night's sleep I've had in a long time waking bright and early to a cold but sunny day.  Taking my time wih the wakeup, I went back to normal routine of diet coke for caffeine ( not a coffee drinker ) and a visit to the gentral.

Next stop was Pennington's where I bought herbs and cool weather veggies.  They were out of straw so I had an empty trunk for compost from Lowe's.  Needless to say at 34 degrees there weren't many shoppers out there.  I hauled it out to the trusty old Camry and headed home to meet friends.  There was a little bit of mystery involved when I noticed the law sitting right across from my road parked.  Then he went up to the golf course and back down by Smith's garage.  Prolly catching up on reports or talking to his wife.  At any rate, my seatbelt was engaged and I felt totally protected and served.  

Mamye and I talked about humility and being assertive while maintaining balance.  She's miles ahead of me in coping with the hard life and is a very good witch.  You know, like Glenda of the north.  After I walked her to the car I brought in what I bought so it wouldn't freeze tonight.  Tomorrow will be a warmer day.  Lorna already has a white spear from the crowns she took home last Sunday.  How's that for mother nature.  

Growth ~

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