Wednesday, February 8, 2017

road block

I was headed to work ahead of time but it's my nature to barrel down that hill if it's not pouring rain.  At the bottom I spotted a HUGE pecan limb stretched across the road and thank the lort my brakes worked or I would have either torn up the car or gone sailing into the field.  Or both.  Pecans are notorious for that and I remember watching in the rearview as half a tree dropped right after I passed under it.  Thank you sweetbabyjeebus.  

Me and the dogs ( minus lazy butt Sophie ) sat on the porch and watched last night's sunset listening to the frogs croak and contemplating nothing but chill.  I look forward to longer and brighter days but you can't beat a winter sunset.  Today it's cold and windy again.  

I'm beginning to car shop before it HAS to be done.  The shady looking lot at the end of the road had a couple but they looked rough inside.  I'm gonna go visit my brother's friend tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.  It doesn't cost a cent to look.  

If TurboTax is telling the truth my refund, however small, should be in the bank by Friday.  That's pretty quick, all things considered.  

Now for the rant.  How dare you people disrespect Elizabeth Warren????? She has more class and character in her little finger than most any other member of Congress and is a fearless fighter for the little guy.  Big Ernie will get you for that one.  

Over and out from the lane ~

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