Friday, February 3, 2017

i give

You can't really call me a sore loser because I didn't support either candidate in the recent election.  I suppose you could call me a "disillusioned American" in general.  In spite of fierce opposition by the public education sector, DeVos got her vote at 52-48 "along party lines."  So much for calling my senators.  At this point I don't care how tall the wall is or what the big banks do with a watered down Dodd Frank.  It's out of my control and I want peace of mind so I'll just pretend none of it is happening.  It does not now nor has it EVER mattered who is president.  Congress runs the show and they're on a mission.  A well respected AG in our state has "retired" because it's a presidential appointment and he's a Democrat.  How niiiice.  Our local paper did a piece about an undercover drug operation under Stanton's jurisdiction where mulitple suspects were arrested for selling coke and crack.  I guess that's his goodbye present to West Tennessee.

I'm so glad to have a weekend off I could shout from the rooftops.  I visited the mayor today and told her I loved her and planted a kiss on that sweet little face.  "Now chile..."  Her daughter Helen told her sister-in-law that I was the first white girl she ever spent the night with!  That was many years ago when you didn't see much of that sort of friendship but we were all raised together without regard to race.  I know in my heart that with Mozella's passing I will grieve for my parents all over again.  That will leave one elder on the place to answer questions and he can't hear too good.  Actually, he's been here longer than anybody.  

I was standing in line this morning at the chicken store behind some guy who thought he was a real gangsta' with his plaid covered ass showing above the baggy jeans.  An African American lady next to me made the remark that she was sure glad she raised her son not to do that.  Said she bought him one pair which he promptly wore to school and he called her after one hour asking for more pants because he couldn't carry books AND hold up baggy pants.  UCMTSU.  Dude was obviously quite impaired and trying to buy a quart of beer which is a no no before 8am for some strange reason.  He settled for some chicken and went for a ride while it cooked. 

As mentioned previously, my brother's very expensive trailer loaded with scrap from the cabin was stolen in broad daylight from Casa Grands.  *sigh*  I remember once Daddy's shop down the road got robbed and he put in a motion activated barking dog sound to keep out intruders.  We named him Rex.  

My mother the collector started BG on thimbles when she was just a tiny girl and I ran across a Valentine one....hand crafted, of course.  Mom was all about the arts and the holidays.  Feb 14th would have been their 63rd anniversary.  She always made her sugar cookie recipe in heart shapes and iced them in pink for us.  

I'm back on Bloodline again refreshing my memory to get ready for season 3.  It's the little things that make me happy.  


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