Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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I never did see an ATT person show up to see what's going on but it worked yesterday after I rebooted the modem.  Not today.  One quick call and I was informed that we have a network outage.  I can certainly deal with that vs talking to a robot for 30 minutes.  

The surprises just keep on coming and I found out today that one of my besties at work is moving far away with his lovely bride to live by the sea.  They are at an age where they can still work but enjoy it in a place with more moderate weather and less bullshit.  We've been through a lot together including the loss of our mothers in the same year.  Being a mermaid at heart, I understand his decision.  

You better stock up on bottled water and beanie weanies because things look bleak what with Trump and his ego trip.  For once I would love to see the military branch of the government stand up to executive order.  Kiss my ass and alt it. Same for all federal venues including parks.  There are enough fund raisers in the world to save parks if you just let it happen.  

I've been living alone for nearly a year now and am selective about the noise because I like quiet where you can hear the cat grooming or the water dripping.  Mrs. Precious came by to see me while I was on break to tell me that he was hitting the road to have a kidney removed.  It took me forever and Facebook to figure out which Mark it was.  I even called the lawyer one and he laughed out loud.  Said thanks for checking on him!!

I'm easing into the idea of being a grandma and it's early. That's the bad thing about finding out at the crack of dawn that 40 weeks later it's on for the rest of your life.  It seems like forever.. I was big as a cow in August and it was NOT fun.  

I was in labor for two days with Lauren.  When I was finally induced it took 12 hours and a pair of forceps to get her here all purple and precious.  Her daddy cut the cord and I was just in lala land.  Must.Find.Picture.  

Ya'll do the next right thing and see what happens.  It can be beautiful~


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