Saturday, February 25, 2017

room for the drummer

Once upon a time in a land far ago I met a guy in a chat room who was a musician in Memphis, thus Rvrguy.  He had worked for all the ad agencies in the area including Tanner et al and just wanted to create.  I was recently divorced and looking for company so we did whatever you did back then online.  Prolly Yahoo messenger.  Mark was JT fan too and was the reason I bought October Road which brought much joy.  I had kind of missed Copperline and he made me a copy.  

Last I heard he was living in California with his wife.  He had a lot of health problems and suggested to me that maybe I didn't want to take that on.  I reckon that was thoughtful and all.  He did do me the courtesy of a phone call to tell me he was getting married!  If you're still alive out there, give me a sign.  


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