Thursday, February 16, 2017

today's lesson

I just had a conversation with a young lady who works for DirecTV ( part of the ATT family, you know ) about early cancellation charges for my contract which still has one year.  I never watch it and am paying for DVR and a 2nd receiver.  I pay them ever so often and still don't watch but I know I have to ride out the contract.  I just want to make it basic.  She quoted me a figure plus the amount past due on the account BUT she suggested that I not take that route because the remainder of the contract not paid by the early termination fee would then go to collections.  WTF?   It's my bad that I got the contract to begin with.  At that time I had no Netflix and BG was still living here.  Shortly after that, everything changed.  

So, I still owe the court 25 bucks for not wearing my seat belt but that will have to wait until payday.  I'm straight with the IRS since they kept my refund.  Rent is current until March 1st.  Utilities paid.  Dentist and propane guy paid.  Baby steps to prosperity ya'll.  I do owe a couple or three medical providers but that's gonna' have to wait until the budget gets worked out.  I've been told that those don't have an effect on credit scores now, as if mine is anything but "poor."  You can't get more meager than being 2 years into bankruptcy.  

My phone rang today at the sawmill and it was some odd number so I didn't answer.  Usually there's no voicemail but this time there was.  When I listened it was some little kid telling me to call them because they call me ALL the time and I don't answer.  He sounded like maybe 3 or 4.  For some odd reason that made me smile.

It's pretty.  Time to play outside.  That is all ^j^

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