Sunday, February 12, 2017

day of thanksgiving

I'm trying really REALLY hard to be grateful for little things.  Today I said a quick prayer over Sondra's leftover burrito and carried on with the saving of lives which mostly just consisted of being available today.  That's okay....I'll take it.  I got time to visit with my friend Scotty who is soon to be living the dream on Hilton Head Island with his beautiful bride.  I am so happy for them!  She will be close to her family and THE BEACH!  Guess where I'm going next time I get a wild hair?

The sun is shining brightly with a breeze that's blowing the daffodils sideways.  I've seen a couple of buds but no blooms yet.  As much as I'd like to control things, it takes too much energy when you can just go with the flow and not try to anticipate every disaster.  A solid team will work together finding ways to get a job done.  That involves not only the workplace but in the community.  

Years ago generations of people lived in one house until they all died off.  The great American dream changed all that forever.  One old doc used to call it "the Chicago syndrome" when kids came from wherever at the last minute to try and run the show with elderly parents.  That was none other than Dr. J.R. Reynolds who also cried when my Uncle Jimbo died. 

Speaking of doctors, I've got an appointment with one to get the scope thingy done.  My friend Larry, on the other hand, is facing triple by-pass surgery the day before my little procedure.
To know him is to love him and we all need to give him a group hug.  Just saying.

I'm off tomorrow.  No plans or agenda which is nice.  My new self prefers to think of it as let's see what happens next.

And of course it will ^j^

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