Monday, February 27, 2017

lady in waiting

Well, it's official, there's pre-natal  care scheduled and started for Lauren's baby.  I went all the way to the exam with her which was done by a very efficient and knowledgeable nurse midwife.  She will deliver at Jackson General with one of four doctors in that practice doing the honor.  As usual, she will see all of them because who knows which one will be on call when it's her time.  Blood was drawn, I'm assuming for vaccination immune status, blood type and antibody screen, and STDs.  It's pretty standard wherever you go.  

After meeting her favorite neighbor and visiting with the girls, I headed on back to the 'burg and picked up more straw for the project out back.  It gave me a chance to visit with Chris and Mike on a sunshiny day dreaming about possibilities for the upstairs at Mike's place.  What is aleady a showplace could be a masterpiece with windows up top!

I visited Patterson Brothers before leaving town and got Ann to work me up a price on tires.  She called while I was driving and left a good price for me.  This will come as the $$ does.  Then the manifold, lord have mercy.  You can hear the Camry coming from two blocks away.  Easy fix I was told.  And of course, door handles and hubcaps.  

It's time for more fun in the sun and I suspect there will be some sweating going on today.  Y'all have a marvelous monday, as Jerry would say.


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