Friday, February 24, 2017

in the blink of an eye

I hit snooze twice today not in any particular hurry but ready to get the fast over with.  The last four pills were at 5PM and I went to bed only to have them hit all during the night.  Mamye scooped me up and everybody was there ready for me at Riverside.  I had to make a payment arrangement for the delinquent ER co-pay before they would proceed but it was something I'd been intending to do anyway.  She saved me a trip to HR.  Denise did my intake and started an IV and Jake ( not from State Farm ) did a quick beside check of meds and allergies.  They all were diligent about time out, patient identification and it was totally professional.  My doctor is a guy whom I met at church years ago and became friends with professionally and personally.  He was with me through the deaths of my grandmother and both parents.  I was in good hands.  Suzanne came in later Jenny too.  It was to be a light day, they said.  

Mamye took care of me and we ate at Sonic but not much.  I lost seven pounds yesterday the hard way!!  She made sure I was safely in for the day and is probably headed for a nap as we speak.  She's been a lifesaver and a true friend.  We watched as the supply truck pulled up to get ready for another day of fungicide fun with the spider looking sprayer.  I need to water the asparagus but won't go out in that.  

I feel humbled by the number of people who are praying for my family.  I certainly feel it and I think BG does too.  I have two days off and then to Jackson for her first OB visit.  Gotta get the tires checked out tomorrow.  Thank you for reading my thoughts and not judging.  It's just the way I'm made to speak what's on my mind.  


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