Monday, February 13, 2017

spring fever

So far ( fingers crossed ) we've had a fairly mild winter for which I am eternally grateful.   I still look forward to spring, though.  Love love love the flowers!  The ones in my yard are about ready to put on a show when it warms up for a few days.  I picked the one daffodil that was blooming and a bit of quince, baby's breath and forsythia.  

I went down to visit our mayor Mozella and found her resting peacefully watching TV.  We chatted and she seems to be feeling quite well.  There's a patch of daffodils on a bank directly across from the end of my lane that is covered in sticker bushes and who knows what.  I always admire them and today stopped and tromped through the muck to pick a bunch.  The whole time I was telling myself to stay away from the sharp stuff and I managed to get the job done without falling on my ass.  No doubt someone's home once sat there and they were planted by the lady of the house. That is fascinating to me.  

Soon it will be time to start digging at Casa Grands.  Last year at this time I was still in a fog from all the deaths and whatnot so spring kind of slipped by me.  I already have the crimson peonies out back and will have to wait and see what comes up down there next.  The entire edge of the yard is lined with daffodils among pine trees.  It's a sight to behold when they're in full bloom.   Hopefully the trailer thief won't be hanging around to bother me.  That STILL pisses me off.

Tomorrow is of course V Day which means women everywhere will receive flowers from their sweethearts.  My friend Mamye is working today and tomorrow at a local florist to help with their biggest day of the year.  Mine will consist of a glass full of buttercups picked by hand,  It's all good.  

Namaste ~

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  1. This Florida girl has enjoyed a mild winter here in Virginia too. The cold really doesn't bother me too much, except when the wind is blowing, and when it blows, it's a gale. My tulips are starting to come up in my yard. Enjoy spring.