Saturday, February 18, 2017

blogging for babies

It's been forever and a day since I've been to a baby shower.  Today was an exception for Heather and Joe and AJ.  They picked up BG and I caught up with them out in the boonies.  There was lots of food and woman talk with several generations swapping stories about this or that baby and their mama'n'them.  Mama Brock and cousin Cindy pulled it off in style and a good time was had by all.  Thank the lord for GPS or I would have missed the spot.  

On the way home we passed the site of where Heather's great grandmother lived until a huge tornado took out the house and killed she and her son.  There were probably 15 more people killed that night as the twister tore across that part of the county.  A Methodist church was destroyed along with a whole BUNCH of houses.  There is a new home going up in the exact spot where the Hickmans lived and as I glanced over the hills and ponds I shuddered.   Great grandma was at the shower after all.

There also happened to be a cousin who's about to pop and then BG right out the gate.  We had private girl conversations about what happens to your body and such.  Everything was sweet and I enjoyed every minute of that time with our families.  
Baby Daddy disappeared and stayed gone past curfew and still had BG's bag in the car so we were like "dude...where you at."  It was almost dark and I don't do curvy roads after sunset.  Just sayin'.   Heather used to live on Lenox Nauvoo where the gullies are lined with kudzu.  Scared the crap out of me.  

We had to laugh at Miss Jane fussing about George's stubborn side because he sounds just like Daddy was.  Ornery and always right.  Joan was looking good too.  She caught me up on Vicki's current treatment plan. It sounds promising.

This morning was warm enough to do some outside chores and just explore.  I found myself in the yard of the famous red log cabin enjoying flowers that my Daddy has planted over the years.  I know where all mine are mostly, but it's an adventure watching his stuff come alive and ready to transplant! Speaking of which tomorrow is separate crowns day for the asparagus so if you feel froggy come help and bring compost.  My old ass is too old to be digging in the barn.  

Enjoy the moment ~

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