Saturday, February 11, 2017

snow moon

It was bright and beautiful as it rose yesterday evening, veiled in clouds that moved around and made designs.  It was shining brightly right over the field when I got in the car but there was a haze about it that predicts rain.  When I got home the temp in the house was 78 because I forgot to turn off the little oil heaters.  So...on with the AC.  It's THAT warm.  Work was busy and my back hurts.  Plus I'm tired....wah wah wah!

I heard the dogs barking yesterday evening and went to the door to find an officer of the law standing there. My first thought was I didn't call them.  Dude was delivering a paper to somebody who used to live here and it was a legal like thing so he asked to see my ID!  He figured out pretty quick I wasn't the lying type so I told him BG's address and he was on his way.  Oh...and I threw out the old "I know your co-worker Sam" thing which softened him up even more.  

I guess it's because of that big beautiful full moon that everything is kind of crazy right now.  If I could sleep for two days, I'd do it.  That's not depression...just fatigue.  I went to pick up the antibiotics which was only a buck fifty and my inhaler which was 184 freakin' dollars.  Fortunately I have an account there and they treat me right.  

Next up I have to make payment arrangements for the phone and internet so as to head toward positive cashflow.  The rent is paid in full early in the month which is a miracle in and of itself.  I'm taking baby steps to prosperity.  Reading Griftopia is like a flashback to all things 2007 from a distinct point of view by a writer who knows the way things work in politics and finance.  I would have never dreamed how much calculation goes into crowdsourcing.  Chapter One features none other than "I can see Russia from my house!" Palin among others.  It's a really interesting read 10 years later.  

We did manage to squeeze in our Saturday tradition of chips and salsa from El!Patio!!  Plus some famous white cheese dip and other goodies.  The place is always packed.  Got gas and beer.  Headed home. Remembered I didn't hit the ATM. Went back to the chicken stores.  I seriously need a keeper.  

Manifest your dreams ~


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