Wednesday, February 22, 2017

under the bus

Lawd have mercy y'all I am so blessed.  Mamye and Steve grilled today and brought me some food for the last supper prior to colonoscopy.  That should go well with the mag citrate and dulcolax.  I usually manage to get a smile outta' Hippie in spite of himself.  We all go way back.

I'm off for a few days to get my colon checked out and go with BG to her first OB appointment.  I went to the gentral' for broth and popsicles on the way home after paying my 25 dollar fine for not wearing a seatbelt.  Good money for the court system.  The young lady who took my cash said that next time it would be 50 big ones.  The only thing more dangerous than not wearing one is trying to buckle up while you drive.  

Got a book and movie or two to get me through prep day so that's a given.  I see some serious pooping and resting going on tomorrow.  Caylor taunted me with "do a good prep."  The rest of the team told me I'd be getting the Michael Jackson drug for anesthesia.  I hope they don't double charge like they did with the shoulder surgery. 2400 for anesthesia alone.  I reckon they gave up on getting that money or maybe OT cut me a break.  

I work with some of the most amazing healthcare providers in the world but there is little team or vision except for diagnostics which is the money maker most especially in radiology.  Whe my daddy showed up in the ER at midnight with a hernia that turned out to be a clusterf**k I was there all night long as his advocate.  We waited four hours for a CT reading through the remote system.  The doctor told me early on that it was bad.  His name is Toby and he treated us right.  

Many of my friends at the sawmill are either already gone or leaving soon.  I suppose the corporate vision changes daily.  It's like a little ecosystem of growth for the big picture.  If it were me, I'd decide what we're gonna' be and do it right.  You can't have a regional hospital unless there are dedicated people.  I'm proud to know lots of them and most are underpaid and overworked.   It is what it is.  

Grilled meat.  It's what's for dinner :)

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