Monday, February 6, 2017

damn computer

I bought a year's worth of Office and don't have enough disk space to install so I'm on a mission to get it cleaned up so I can do a resume.  One never knows what will be necessary in this day and time.  The load was light today so I had time to dig through papers and get them in order for the higher ups.  I got a letter from my attorney that she sent to the lienholder on the trusty Camry asking that they give up the title.  They missed the deadline for filing and will get zilch from the case.  Why not help a girl out?

So anyway there's all sorts of spells and card readings going on and I'm not really worried about any of it because I believe in karma.  Don't you?  I mean I take no great joy in thinking about the implosion of evil ones but somehow I believe that you get what you give in this life and that's faith in my eyes.  

My friend Larry is prolly pretty grumpy right now because he's had a heart cath with more surgery on the way.  That we met at the point in life we did is a miracle in and of itself.  He bought several pieces from mama and daddy's estate sale because dude LOVES to decorate.  

Carry on young people ~ Frances Yarbro

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