Monday, February 20, 2017

stop me if you've heard this one

As we get older we tend to repeat ourselves more often than not.  Since I tell a lot of stories on this blog, I'm never sure who knows what or if they've heard a tale when I start in.  Mamye and I have a system where we hold up a few fingers to indicate how many times it's been told.  That shuts us up in a hurry! After all that muddy labor yesterday I expected to be sore and actually was not until just now.  I slept like a baby too.  I was a devoted walker and aerobics gal during my 30s and 40s.  That's probably why I've gotten away with the crap I do :)

Crawling around on that big mound of dirt untangling roots put me in a Scarlett O'Hara persona only not as pretty.  As God is my witness.......Farmer Joey said they'll close it back up after the rains and then we'll have a thinned out bed that will bear this year.  When I googled transplanting asparagus it described the process as "very difficult."  Ahem.  Lorna was in all her glory spreading straw and compost and waving the water hose while I took a break in the shade.  I'd already been digging for awhile before she came.  

I saw two figures in hot pink hoodies crossing the back of the field across my house yesterday morning.  There were what I thought were kids flashing in and out of the wheat.  An hour or so later all hell broke loose and it was on with the beagles and rabbits.  I have never heard such hollering.  According to my brother they got enough for a stew.  

The Russia thing is looking more and more worrisome as is North Korea and the whole damn rest of the world considering they all hate us * and trump * and know we're in trouble.  LIke big time.  This is where the real leaders step up and don't tweet but do no harm and strategize to stabilize our country.  Steve Cohen was selected to be on the House Ethics Committee and I can't think of a better choice.  This is the man who, in essence, created state funded educational opportunities through the lottery.  He is true and honest and, yes, a Democrat.  Deal with it.

I love playing with the water hose even if it is only 25 feet long.  A good hose is a must have for gardeners and yard folk.  I'm cleaning up around where the tree got cut down ( sorry Jim ) and considering flowers for the area.  The bricks from my homemade patio need to go.  They are a hazard for old klutzy people like me.  

Hope y'all have a marvelous monday ~

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