Sunday, February 19, 2017

asparagus transplanting 101

There was a heavy fog this morning as I headed to the chicken store.  By 8am it was burned off real nice and I put on work clothes and headed to the mud pit to harvest asparagus crowns.  I figured out really quick that tennis shoes weren't good enough for the job and found some old Doc Martins that feel like lead.  The water hose turned out to be our best friend in washing off the mud and muck so they could be separated.  She's a wizard with organic gardening.  It didn't take long for both of us to work up a heavy sweat.  "Towanda!"

Lorna was on a mission as teacher and mentor to me.  I like to learn but tend to be on the lazy side unless I have hands on instruction.  Plus the back thing.  BG slept through all of it enjoying a day off with the furbabies.  She will be heading to Jackson later for some serious shopping with Nanny and Heather.  I'm so glad I know what a Boppie is!  I think we need one.  

I'm hoping and praying that SNL had a new episode last night so I can have some laughs on Trump.  I don't tweet so I never know when he's pissed off about something until they entertain me.  Lorna and I discussed the state of our world today and pretty much agree that unless folks wake up and learn how to grow food, there's going to be a major food shortage what with all the deportation.  These people come to our country undocumented and do the jobs that most Americans won't take because it's too hard.  Bullshit.  Let's see how many strawberries don't get picked this season.  Meanwhile, the robber barons have plenty, dipped in chocolate with champagne no less.  

Going free range ~

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