Wednesday, February 15, 2017

baby steps

I got off a few minutes early today so I took advantage of the sunshine and visited a couple of car lots.  I saw one that I liked but it requires like 1800 down which I totally don't have so there you go.  I'm about to decide that it might be better to put some serious money into the Camry and drive it 'til the wheels come off.  Note to self: Get estimates.  I cruised through downtown to pick up a new shovel and some bales of straw for the huge upcoming asparagus project.  It feels really strange to be planting something this early and I'm not real convinced it's going to bear this year but, it's worth a try.  It gives me something to focus on besides who's playing footsie with Putin today.  

It doesn't seem that far fetched to me really.  This dude lied about his contact with Russia PRIOR to the election that shocked everybody when Trump actually won, electorally so to speak.  At that point there was already speculation that Russia was involved in our political system in a way much more sinister than we believed.  And there sits poor little Snowden waiting to leave the country because he told the truth about his own.  How sad.

It's time for the man to put the showmanship aside and get down to business with the American people.  If not, step aside and let somebody else do it only not Pence.  Please not Pence.  I'd take a moderate conserative any day of the week and say thank you if we can just create a bit of order out of all this chaos.  Mitzi said it's end times.  

The lab baby Maverick came by for a visit with his Mom today and slept through the entire thing.  He's a big old boy but a good baby she says.  Even though he's #5, she would go for six, she said.  OMG.  What a woman.  I also ran into an old friend who was interpreting for a Hispanic couple having #9.  

It's still chilly and windy but the next few days look promising for outdoor play.  By the time I dig through that bed I'll be covered in mud and straw.  My partner in crime is none other than the most famous organic gardener in West Tennessee who was taught by her father the old school way.  RC Donaldson was his name.  Lake county gentleman.  I gave her my Daddy's old ag books and she lit a candle for him on top of them the night he died.  

Also, Sophie needs a vet visit.  Her nails are so long she can't walk well and even though I've wormed her she's showing bones.  The boys are both so old and such road dogs that they don't really fit into the budget although Oscar could sure use a bath.  It would take a shot of Dilaudid to get him calm enough to be groomed.  

I'm glad yesterday is over because there was really a lot of flowers up on Facebook that weren't for me.  It doesn't bother me it's just a reminder of how single I am!  Thanks to essential oils and all natural soap, my skin is getting better. I finally feel a surge of energy and some sense of direction.  That's the cool thing about being led by the universe.  You never know what's right around the corner. 

Faith ~

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