Tuesday, February 14, 2017

the cracked pot

My mother gave me a book many years ago with that name, a story of faith and hope in the form of a Chinese folk tale.  It spoke to me then and still to this day helps me to realize that love and trust make anything possible.  It's in a pile "somewhere" in the house like everything else waiting to be resurrected.  I have the dining room blocked off from the dogs to get them used to not hanging out in there for potty stuff and so far there have been no accidents anywhere else.  It will take some tough scrubbing and possibly baby gates but it's gonna happen.  

My friend Mitzi delivered a baby gift today for Atticus J Deak, a hand made creation by her daughter Abbey.  It is to die for cute!  Heather and BG will be rolling into town this weekend for a shower so there's that to look forward to.  He's gonna' be a big boy they say.  That means he'll fit in just fine with the big dogs!  I ordered myself some Epiphany soaps and white sage as my own Valentine's gift and the soap came today.  The sage is probably still in Texas.  

I had random pecan pickers yesterday....a friend of a friend with her hub and two little kids.  In February no less.   I'm not sure how they made out but they sure looked like they were having fun.  It's sometimes hard to find a spot where toddlers can just run wild.  I told her to watch out for tractors.  

Thanks to Farmer Joey and Wade the asparagus bed is turned and there will be much thinning and transplanting in the coming weeks.  The season begins in mid-April and runs for about a month.  That bed was so tight it was about to choke itself out.  There used to be a fence by it when there was a horse or two and my mother the jokester made me a pic one time of the stallion eating my asparagus, in early photoshop fashion.  She dearly loved the computer and was never the same after losing her sight and that window to the world of creativity.  

On this day of love, always remember that it doesn't stop because circumstances change.  It's all we need, according to the Beatles.  


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