Thursday, February 9, 2017

walking away a winner

I was a Kathy Mattea fan for years and still love her spunk.  As an advocate for those in West Virginia who were at the mercy of mining companies she was not only a talented artist but a progressive politically.  There was a lot of chatter about how she got too big for her britches but that doesn't matter to me.  She's still a hero in my book right up there with Woody and Arlo and all them.  

I love music, period.  Over the years I've come to appreciate all kinds.  I was raised on classic rock and cheesy stuff like the Carpenters.  That AC/DC is still one of my favorites says a lot about me.  I guess you could say I'm multi-musical.  I love country when I'm in the mood.  Not Merle Haggard country mind and crossover.  Acapella pieces send chills up my spine.  I was once part of an acapella chorus at a friend's wedding at the Church of Christ and was amazed at the energy that comes from blending voices with only a pitch pipe and a man to lead the song.  

Today is laundry and piddle day at Casa Poops.  I had planned on car shopping but it's too damn cold to be trolling the lot.  BG's first OB appointment is on the 27th so I've checked out the group and it seems like a good fit.  She will deliver at Jackson General which is the best place to be, just in case there's a need for NICU.  It's all close to where she lives and works and includes midwifery which I like.  I probably won't really wrap  my mind around it until that first visit.  

I was in labor for two days with her back in September 1984.  I had just turned 29 a couple of weeks before and had gained EIGHTY pounds yet I was still walking the halls of the hospital with a phlebotomy tray, swollen ankles and all.  The contractions were sporadic and I got sent home the first time only to return the next day on a mission to deliver.  I was induced and in the end it turned out that she was in distress and meconium stained a bit.  That involved a blood culture which my bossfriend collected.  Twelve hours after water breaking and induction, she was born and my life has never been the same.  My one and only child is a jewel and will be an excellent mom.  I only wish my parents were here to be a part of the next generation.

I have purposely separated myself from all the Trump drama not in an I give up way but to keep peace in my mind.  I'm not afraid, just disheartened and know that I have no power.  My tax refund did indeed land in the account minus what I owed them and what it cost to file which thankfully kept me out of the hole when the rent check went through.  Little miracles.  

I'll be skipping the gentral today because I'm hunkered down in the warmth of this old house.  The back door won't open which is kinda' scary but Bubba promises to get right on that plus get some smoke detectors up in here.  I suppose I could jump out a window if I have to!!

I heard there are snow monkeys all over the Northeast which makes me incredibly grateful not to live there.  The mayor of New York shut the whole school system down which is as Old Hoss would say "a good thing."  

We have this pneumatic tube system that delivers samples from the ER to our lab and I grab that thing a hundred times a day.  Yesterday I was retrieving one and another one came right behind it and smacked me on the arm bringing up a huge bruise overnight.  That's a first, I must say.  Occupational hazard.  Heh.

Ya'll stay warm and chill.  And keep the faith ^j^

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