Saturday, December 31, 2016

the end

Oh my lord, it felt good to sleep for 12 hours even if I did wake with a head full of snot and bronchitis.  It's one of those days that if you were of a mind to slit your wrists, the dreariness of the rain and cold would make it seem right.  Fortunately, I'm not one of 'em.  I made about 5 stops in the mess and scored some goodies from the health food store in between taking Larry back to the shelter and the 'gentral.  My last stop was at the fireworks stand which was totally empty except for me.  Got sparklers and roman candles to start out 2017 right.  

I didn't cry when I left Larry this time.  He had an opportunity to have a home and was just too wild and young to adapt.  He chases cars and bites at the tires......followed my brother onto the bypass the other day.  Somebody was gonna' get hurt and it had to be done.  In my Pollyanna mind he'll be rescued by somebody with a fenced in yard and time to train him.  Wendall promised :)

I've ramped up my protests about Ethel to the corporate level so maybe I'll get a call back next week.  If not, I'll keep trying.  I'm like a dog with a bone when somebody's been done wrong.  Sometimes you just have to do the next right thing.  

Adios 2016.  As far as I know Betty White is still alive and James Taylor so there's a positive.  Whatever the new year brings, it is what it is.

Keep the faith ~

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