Thursday, December 15, 2016

actions and words

I am not your typical analytical type mind that is cautious enough to sit back and keep my mouth shut.  For that reason I tend to get in loads of trouble.  I am what some people call assertive and tend to hang on like a dog with a bone when it comes to doing the right thing.  I am not rude or insensitive though I was in my younger days.  I am usually quite direct in stating my thoughts and work hard not to let emotions get away from me in professional situations.  Confrontation doesn't bother me in the least as long as it's not hostile and mostly honest.     

Technology has made communication instant and situations usually arise where once things are said, they can't be taken back.  It's also very hard to gauge the intent of the other person without looking them in the eye.  That's why big media is such a danger to those who are just fed by TV and money backed politics.  

My heart is in Aleppo right now and all those other little towns where the civilians and rebels are being rounded up to.  Their home is gone.  We were a part of it and so was Russia.  That is not a legacy to be proud of.  

On a happier note, it's going to be yard work weather on Saturday and 13 that night.  By then I plan to have Larry back in the house with us unless some angel adopts him first.  It will be a hardship financially and peace wise, but he's worth it.  BTW, all donations for the "bail Larry out fund" are welcome and Mamye put in the first five bucks.  Also big bags of dog food would be a sweet gift for the kennel up in here.  I'm about ready to make them all a bed in the basement and put some blankets and a heater down there.  Like that would work.  

Y'all stay warm ~ 

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