Sunday, December 11, 2016

rabbit rabbit!

That phrase is one used by my friend Vicki on the first day of the month.  I've been seeing quite a few bunnies around lately and had to dodge to miss two this morning.  When researching the totem, I found that rabbit is so "scared" of being eaten or otherwise harmed that he sends out negative energy that actually attracts what he fears like hawk or eagle.  Rabbit lives his life as prey because of his sweet gentle nature and connection to the inner soul.  Perhaps I need to examine just exactly what it is I'm afraid of.  Trump maybe?

My brother and his buddy just brought in about half a room's worth of the end of the end at Casa Grands.  Inside work begins tomorrow and they will be going down to the original hardwood floors and walls.  No walls upstairs, just one big open area.  It will be amazing to watch it change from home to its' original state circa 1940ish.  

Mamye just came by to pick up some pecans for Memaw and is headed to take her to the mall for Christmas shopping.  Lord.Have.Mercy.  I'd rather shoot myself in the eye than go to the mall or Walmart.  Online shopping is my friend.  

This is day 3 of naproxen for the knee and it works pretty well if I stay on it which I must.  Daddy always told me that the cold of winter gets into arthritic bones and makes a dull ache.  I never really noticed it until now.  I have a day off to rest and go meet with the doggie foster guy at the shelter to figure out a plan for Larry.  Let's hold hands and say a silent prayer on that one.  

Y'all stay warm and dry.  That's the plan here on the hill.  

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