Tuesday, December 13, 2016

the larry saga continues

My phone rang twice while I was on Gay's treatment table and when I checked it afterward, I found it was Wendell at the Humane Society.  I had already called this morning to check on him and the progress and he was doing well.  Because of rush rush hurry hurry I had not had time to let his Mama know what was going on but we had discussed it beforehand.  When Wendell couldn't reach me, he called Brook and she rushed over to meet the potential adopters.  They wanted him, but not just as a foster and so it was a gridlock once again.  He told me when Larry saw his mama he literally began to cry like a baby and then so did he and Brook.  Then I started crying about it while he was telling me the story.  Just like I did all the way home after leaving him.  And again out of the blue at work today.

In a perfect world, Brook would have the money to get him neutered and build a fence and all would be well.  As we all know, the world ain't perfect and it's complicated.  Wendell assured me that he would stay in touch and invited me to come by and visit which I will do tomorrow after work.  WITH treats. I have faith that this will work out in Larry's favor.  He will not be euthanized and if push comes to shove we'll pay his tab at the shelter and bring him home to share.  

This may seem like a lot of petty drama while the people of Aleppo are slaughtered and Trump fills his cabinet with high rollers.  I'm pretty emotional right now because of the holidays and my parents so it doesn't take much to send me over the edge with caring.  Larry got my heart the very first time I met him.  At least I care.

I promised Gay some roasted pecans as my gift in exchange for a treatment on her.  Times are hard all around and she feels most in tune with the universe when she's working.  What a gift!  She knows I'll be back when the money gets right.  

Forward. With rose colored glasses ~  

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