Tuesday, December 6, 2016

when it rains it pours

I know we're drought stricken around here but I was totally not prepared for the river at the end of Pecan Lane this morning.  In the dark.  With Larry running alongside me through said water.  The Camry almost gave it up during the deepest part but I just gave it some gas and soldiered onto dry pavement on Samaria Bend.  This hill that I live on drains that way and it's a constant problem not only with flash flooding but backwater from the mighty Forked Deer. That is why my lug nuts are rusted on.  Larry followed me almost to the bypass which ain't a good place for his wild self.  I let his mama know he was on the loose in dangerous territory.  His favorite spot in our house is in the antique chair that's been chewed to pieces by previous critters.  It's hilarious to see his huge brindle self curled in a ball on that chintz covered chair.  

My buddy stopped by to pick up some Christmas houses that I had promised him.  He's been busy working on his home to get it refinanced and it looks like it's about to become a reality.  Good on him and the whole sweet little family.  I first met him years ago when I was a youth club leader on Wednesdays at FUMC.  Lord, the tales we could tell.  

One of my favorite patients told me Merry Christmas today in that way like "if i don't see you before then."  She is beautiful and full of grace and we talked about the importance of blood donation to treat people like herself. 

I don't know about y'all but I'm extremely encouraged by the outcome at Standing Rock.  Lots of little people standing in solidarity do, indeed, make a difference.  Somebody asked me today who Edward Snowden is and what he did and I was just kind of flabbergasted.  Said she had heard O might pardon him only he's not really been charged or arrested so um... that's a tricky one.  Personally, being the freedom of speech kind of gal I am, I think he's a hero.  

That's all for now.  Keep remembering that there's only so many shopping days left and get y'alls butt in gear.  

Noel ~  


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