Sunday, December 4, 2016

the moors

It's dark and wet and dreary outside so I'm camped out for the day in my little office trying to get organized.  My only outing has been to the chicken store.  I hear little footsteps clicking on the wood floor as the dogs wander and look for a warm spot, which is normally my bed.  The tree is lit and all is well with the world at the moment.  

In my never ending quest to find Sugardaddy, I colored my own hair yesterday and must say it turned out pretty good.  I'm letting it grow a bit because I can't stand not to be able to put it up in a clip.  Almost there.  I finally have some prints to frame and of course I got rid of every one of them during the estate sale.  I'm talking BOXES full.  The project for corporate is in progress and I'm framing one or two favorites for myself.  Currently I'm doing chair yoga and trying to get motivated for productivity.  Not sure that's gonna happen, if you know what I mean.  

The more Alec Baldwin pokes fun at Trump the stupider he looks when he tweets.  Shut the eff up're about to be POTUS and that requires a little bit of class if you can muster it up.  If're fired!!

Nothing new here so just use your imagination to figure out what kind of strange happenings will come about today.  It's always something.  In two weeks it will be about the time that my mother broke her hip and left the home never to return.  She wanted to experience the festivities at church and was moving from here to there when her fragile little hip just popped and she went down.  We spent Christmas with her at the rehab with her all looking frail and tired following hip surgery.  When the screws came out a few weeks later she went back to the hospital for hip replacement and died on a snowy January night with my brother at her side.  Hospice is a blessing and angels are everywhere.  

I got two cakes made yesterday with delivery coming up tomorrow.  I'm in charge of , you guessed it, deviled eggs for our lab party on Friday.  Thankfully I'm off on Thursday because those dudes take time! Pecans are heading to Mr. Lowrance this week as well.  We are in high gear for the season.

Remember who you are ~  

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