Saturday, December 24, 2016

things you can't make up

We gathered together and blended families at Millette's for brunch and I had my first mimosa ever.  It puts a nice buzz to the feast she prepared.  She, my brothers, Sandy and Nancy are the remaining grandchildren in that branch.  Debbie's kids were all there along with Mo and Ron's son, Laura and her hub and a bunch of kids ranging from 7 months to umm...tenish.  There was bottle warming and bouncing and I toured every square inch of the magnificent old home.  She is a designer by trade so is uniquely in tune with small details that make space work.  And coffee was served in my mother's Christmas china pot, with cream and sugar to match.  There in spirit.  So as the story goes Kristen lost a crown eating gumbo last night and it just so happens that her brother is a dentist so he glued it back on for her.  I love it when that happens.  The food is amazing and her flair for entertaining is genius.  

Bubba showed me more recon pictures and the original linoleum in mama's room is hideous old school floral.  That's the bottom layer on wood.  More walls are out upstairs but studs remain.  More light can get in, basically.  It's a "good" thing.  

If you are sick at the hospital, I'll see you there bright and early.  Please stay away unless it's life and death.  If it is, we'll be right there with you along with all other emergency responders.  It takes a village, you know.

Rejoice ~

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