Wednesday, December 14, 2016

this old house

Against my better judgement I went by to see Larry at doggie jail after work and it tore my heart out and I left crying again.  I guess the part of "surrender" is something hard to do when there's love involved.  He knew me and cried too....but was quietly napping in a clean cage when I approached.  Even had a little bed.  I'm sure that at some point the lights go out and they all sleep and hush but it's loud up in there when people are in and out.  

After that I moseyed on down to Casa Grands for a look see at the renovation.  It is an absolutely surreal experience to see a house that I lived in all my life returned to the way it was before I knew it.  There will be many updates, I assure you.  It's going to be a masterpiece.  

I've had a stomach bug and feel absolutely blessed not to have a bloated cramping belly.  I've decided to wait for "my spot" to open back up before I do the scope.  It's just so much easier.  I saw my previously mentioned beautiful friend and she told me about her treatment plan.  It's pretty scary but then you can't just keep getting blood every week. Namaste my lovely one.  

Advent.  It's all about the waiting ~

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