Friday, December 9, 2016


Today was the annual sawmill Christmas lunch at bossfriend's house.  It also happens to be the day that Linda, who just retired last week,  became a great aunt/grandmother.  Katie has lived with her since she was four years old and is now a mother herself.  The party was half Christmas half retirement party for Aunt Linda and the baby was polite enough to be born before time to1 eat.  Bless 'em all.

I also found out about my "raise" which is performance based.  Last year I got  1% and the year before 0.5%.  This year's haul totaled 0.8%.  I realize that many folks have gone years without a raise but mine barely covers the rise in health insurance premiums.  Basically, I broke even by showing up every day and working my ass off for shareholders.  This is the way of corporate America.  If I didn't do it because I like helping people, I wouldn't bother continuing to try and improve patient care.  

The healthcare piece is one that Trump et al should address promptly because it's KILLing the economy.  The wall can wait.  No matter who is POTUS until we raise the living wage we will continued to be plagued as a country by people living in poverty who get entitlements or a working class that has no money to spend while all the wheeler dealers eat caviar and bon bons.  When I read today how much of Trump's campaign chest went into his OWN business interests that had nothing to do with politics, I almost fell out.  McConnell's wife alone made over a million from Wells Fargo last year and that's just one of her gigs.  

I truly believe that people, when given the chance to earn a decent living, will do their best to make it work.  That means more tax revenue for the government and fewer bennies for the bums.   Like it or not, the old school Dems are the ones who landed us in this mess.  Poverty and mental illness do not know race class or creed.  Charter schools which are profit based and many time have religious connections are killing the public education system.  No child born into a minimum wage household has much of a chance except to struggle like his or her parents.  Seven dollars and 25 cents in the great state of TN.  My bachelor degreed daughter makes about 8 now but has no company benefits and less than full time hours.  Also the way of the corporate world.  Yet she has gone from riding the bus to her job to finding a friend who will take her and catching rides home.  It works when you work it.

Our reworked plasma freezer came rolling in right about the time I was leaving today and I kissed it big.  It's just the little things, you know?  I'm working this weekend and praying for a light one because I'm behind on continuing education to keep my license to work.  One year I did the whole 24 credit deal on New Year's eve.  I am such the procrastinator.

Ya'll enjoy the hustle and bustle and cold ass weather.  The Camry didn't really want to run quiet this morning due to 18 degrees but it got me from here to there and back.  

And for that?  I am grateful ~ 

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