Thursday, December 8, 2016

puppy dog tales

It was just last night as we gathered around the table to bag pecans and started talking about where all the dogs came from that I realized Larry came from the same place where Luke the great dane lived.  Luke is the one who bred Faith for the first time when she was ten! and she subsequently developed pyometra and died.  Luke's owner had died unexpectedly and without her there, he was constantly roaming.  Of course, my house is where he decided to hang.  This dude was HUGE and unless I planted myself just right he would knock me down.  The humane society picked him up multiple times and he had to ride in the cab because he was too big for the bay.  He was "Donna's dog" and I don't know where he ended up.  

Fast forward to Larry who lives down there and is her son's dog only he won't let him in the house.  Larry is a beautiful brindle mountain cur with a lovely disposition and a bad habit of chasing cars.  My friends clipped him yesterday on the way in and even with a limp, he beat them into the house.  Oscar came from the crazy ex down the lane neighbors where somebody had been mutilating his back.   Vicki and Paula named him Scruffy but we decided on Oscar to honor my great grandfather.  Sammy D was delivered by Tim Dunagan and Amy and it was love at first sight, even though he was supposed to be for my parents.  That lasted one night.  

Here's the thing about Larry. I love him dearly and adore having him around but I can't even afford to take my own dogs to the vet and keep them fed, much less take on another one.  He needs to be somewhere he can shelter inside for the winter and have room to safely run.   His owners cannot afford to build a pen I am told so he stays on a leash most every day when he's there.  Which is not often.  I told Brook I would try to find him a foster home until she gets to a place in life where she can properly take care of him.  Right now she works everyday and spends her off time taking care of her grandpa who is dying of cancer with hospice care at home.  Her roommates don't help with him at.all. even though one of them brought him home.  

I know there are good people out there who would care for and enjoy him.  Please put the word out that Larry needs a home or at least y'all start a go fund me page to feed him.  He eats like a horse!  I was out early this morning at the gentral' buying 30 pounds of dog food and headed on into town to pick up a pane I had cut for corporate's photographic masterpiece.  Also some super glue to fix the cracks in the old window that is the frame.  Lord only knows how much it will cost to ship this thing to Michigan.  I also picked up a night light bulb for the one Mayberry Christmas piece that I kept which is a courthouse.  

Today's projects include laundry (lots), floor cleaning, dish washing and making deviled eggs for the masses at work.  Oh yeah and I finally remembered to get razor blades to scrape off the sticker that whatshername put on my mama's china cabinet.  Haint.  

So there  you have it....Larry needs a home besides mine.  Let's get out there and find him somebody for the holidays!!


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