Tuesday, December 20, 2016

more mayhem

I knew it was gonna' get witch tit cold ( stole that phrase ) so my water has been dripping at all three faucets for two days.  When I woke up this morning it was 10 degrees and I went about my business of face washing and tooth brushing.  As I continued to get ready I noticed the trickles getting fainter and fainter until they stopped.  The damn thing had frozen anyway!  Nothing I could do so off I went to work only Sam and Larry slipped outside when I was leaving.  Of course Larry chased me all the way down the lane and after I got to work I got worried about them being outside in the big chill.  Soooooooo....here I go on break to get them back in the house and find that the water is still frozen.  

The temp hit 33 at about one PM and I figure that's when the water started flowing, literally everywhere.  I had turned the faucets on high while tinkering this morning and failed to slack them off.  There was water on every floor involved.  Drop towel, rub with feet, repeat.  OMG.

Also today I noticed the phone acting wonky and couldn't figure out what was up until LP called and said our service had been cut off.  I had just made a payment a week ago and was puzzled why no service.  "It was due on the 8th" they said.  The payment on the 13th was for last month.  I have never even when in contract known what my billing date was.  If it's not sent to my phone "you owe me this much" or something similar, I'll miss it.  Normally I get these messages, plus that annoying voice mail from ATT wanting to discuss my wireless account.  I make payment arrangements around paydays, keep them and it's always been good.  Now I'm out of contract and it seems they no longer value me as a dependable customer.  Y'all ever hear of unlimited bitches?  Anyway, we have to have phones to wake up and face the day so I paid them which put  me in the hole at the bank.  Four days after payday.  Pride melted, I borrowed money against my next check and all is in the black once again.  

I have lived my life like this off and on for years but lately not so much.  There were large chunks of cash up in there to supplement my income and now that has all trickled down.  I didn't splurge when I had it.  I just lived comfortably.  I'm not really into money except to maintain a comfy lifestyle and help others do the same.  It's what baby Jesus would do.  

Some time ago I mentioned running into a friend at work whose husband was critically injured.  He's been in the hospital about six weeks and took his first 17 steps today!  You GO Rodney Henry.  There is a trait that I have which is pure Billy and that is wanting to get one thing done so as to move onto the next thing on the list.  I'm paralyzed by this and end up in limbo, missing the moments.   My first resolution for 2017 will be to push less and listen more.  

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