Sunday, January 1, 2017

and a happy new year

I sure do hate to be a whiner but DAMN this crud is relentless.  I stopped by the sawmill and found that the one who came down with it same day as me went to ER in desperation.  If I don't see some improvment by tomorrow,  off to urgent care I will go.  This bug don't play.

It's quiet around here which makes me realize how much Larry barked.  At like....everything.  Then the others would start in and it was much ado about nothing but a squirrel.  Or the wind.  Or the Air Evac.  If hatchet man ever does show up, you can be sure I'll know it.  I made not one but two gentral stops this morning because I forgot to get ice scrapers and rock salt.  Old man winter is headed our way this week.  I have almost killed myself on many occasions trying to just get the car ready for work.  I'm excited to see if the tumeric does all the wonderful things I've read about.  

The carnage in Turkey is tragic and becoming the norm.  It seems to be a trend that the violence is done by those who kill and run like cowards these days rather than the usual suicide bomber deal.  For some reason, that scares me even more.  That we will have Donald Trump as president in less than a month makes me ill.  I did not vote for Obama the first time.  That being said, I believe he is one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country.  He inherited a giant POS from Dubya and made some mistakes along the way as we all do when we're growing into the role.  His past four years have been spent fighting the status quo to try and get something done to protect our rights.  I hear talk of Trump privatizing the VA which is a horrible thought.  That organization is dedicated to serving those who have served our country and doesn't need to be run as a business except for the good of veterans.  The government can do that if the process is simplified.  

I did some sparklers and roman candles and turned in way before midnight.  Mamye came by for a visit while I was roasting pecans and shot a couple herself.  I only spent five bucks and still have some for today!  I talked my brother into Charlottesville for weather yesterday which is about the only chance we have to catch up.  Kinda' like with Heather and her commute.  I ran by the sawmill to pick up some work for home tomorrow because I can't really concentrate on anything up there besides the usual ebb and flow.  As soon as you start something like that, the shit hits the fan.  

There is a brand new Mary Engelbreit wall calendar over my desk which makes me happy. Here's hoping to a new year full of love and peace and extra joy.  We can make it happen together.


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