Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Very few of us are born with silver spoons in our mouths.  The ones that are never know what it's like to go without.  They enjoy summer in the Hamptons and caviar never giving a thought to those who have nothing.  Well, I suppose there's an occasion do=gooder up in there.  Celebrities are good about that.  Politicians, not so much.

Carrie Fisher was a genius who used the talents she had in a lot of different ways.  She was a recovering addict when she died and shared much of that courage in her work.  As an actress, she was more than the Princess.  On a humorous note, at least 5 people told me today they didn't realize George Michael was gay.  O.M.G.

I met with a young friend this afternoon for a stroll down memory lane.  Her camera is MUCH better than mine and I can't wait to see what she got.  It was a good day for a hike around the dairy barn.  


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