Wednesday, December 21, 2016

christmas merkle

Miraculous things tend to happen when you believe with faith that things will work out.  Take for instance the Christmas Eve when I pulled up to the mailbox and discovered that I had an honest to goodness blog fairy who would bless me over the next two years.  The fairy's sentiment was this:  I have been financially blessed and feel compelled to share with you.  He or she has remained anonymous to this day.

BG and I had finally thrown up our hands on her getting home for Christmas and my heart just about broke thinking about her sitting in that apartment alone on Christmas eve.  The plan was for me to drive over there on Saturday and take her presents then come back home so I could work the next day.  Knowing the circumstances, two angels who work with me came up with a way to get her here for Christmas and back.  I was so touched I cried.   This was after another one slipped me some cash to "help with Larry."  

It's amazing the number of folks who still manage to get cards in the mail in spite of busy lives.  Maybe when I become not so employed I'll have time for the little things.  As it is I've done well just to make cookies and cheese grits and get to work on time.  The sick take no vacations.  It is a particularly hard time of the year to have a family member in his or her last days.  I would think you imagine that the rest of the world is rejoicing while you cry, but that's not so.  There's a whole lot of suffering out there and you are not alone.  I do remember that much.

It is what it is ~

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